Sherpani Col

(The Three Cols)

This crossing of the three passes lifts the Khumbu Hinku massif to the region of Makalu Baruntse Arun. Khumbu-Makalu or Makalu-Khumbu. We crossed the 3 passes of Makalu Khumbu trek peak because it is a difficult and committed course. This crossing is much more delicate than the classic treks. In addition to altitude, the commitment is important especially if the weather deteriorates. A first route from Lukla Khumbu in which we climb the Mera Peak with an altitude camp at 5800 m before crossing the 3 passes. At the top of the Mera we have one of the most beautiful views of the Himalayas. Then we look forward to the Baruntse base camp before being We are looking forward to the East Pass to the climb, then to the East Pass descent, we are equipped with the High Altitude Dreams team. All along we will have the Makalu in the background - grand. The end of the trek unfolds in the valley of Makalu where we will descend the valleys of Baroun and Arun to finish in the middle of the rice fields of Tashigaon and Num.
A second course offers you a departure from Tumlingtar Makalu to make this circuit in the other direction. These treks are "engaged" there are glacier camps at high altitude, 5800 m, 5400 m and 6100 m as the slopes of 40 ° to ascent and descent. More than a trek, it's a journey to the heart of the Himalayan massif and Nepal.

Difficulties crossing the 3 Passes

Crossing the 3 Passes is a high glacial mountain route. Real mountaineering skills and a very good physical condition are essential. It is necessary to be at the height of the ascent and descent in the slopes of about 45 ° about 200 m high. The ascent to the West Pass and the descent of the East Pass, which is equipped with fixed ropes, must be at the tip of this type.
This trip requires the following mountaineering equipment: Helmet, Harnesses with total of 4 Carabiner (2 locking Carabiner and 2 non locking Carabiner), 2 Webbing, Figure of 8, Jumar, Ice Axe, Cranpons, Koflach mountaineering boot or similar, Gaiter, Glacier Bolle Goggles, Sunscreen, Headlamp,Extra Battery, Waterbottle, Warm Hat, Fleece Jacket, Long Sleeve Shirt, Gortax gloves, warm down jacket, Gortax jacket and Pants, Fleece trousers, socks, Sleeping Bag, Mattress, 50 litre Backpack and one large Dufflebag.

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1 arrival Kathmandu
2 a free day in Kathmandu
3 plane to Lukla then Chutanga 2h 30 3500 600 100 3500 No. yes
4 Chetrala by Zatraw 5:30 4600 1055 370 4200 yes
5 Kothe 5h 3570 400 1020 3570 yes yes
6 Tangnag 5h 4240 650 4240 yes No.
7 Tangnag rest 4240
8 Kharé 3h 30 4935 680 400 4935 yes yes
9 high camp 6h 5800 1000 250 5800
10 Mera Peak then Kongme Dingma 8H 6400
11 camp chamlang 3h 30 5100 300 100 5100 No. No.
12 base camp Baruntse 4h 5435 350 5435
13 acclimatization CB Baruntse 5435
14 West Pass climb 6h 6100 6100
15 camp at the foot of the east pass Makalu 7h 5000 5000
16 BC camp Makalu 8h 4850 4850 No. No.
17 rest BC Makalu
18 Yangle Kharkha 5h 3545 1300 3540 No. No.
19 Mumbuk 5h 3800 600 300 3800 No. No.
20 Tashigaon 7h 2350 600 2100 2350 yes yes
21 Num 7h 1600 750 1500 1600 yes yes
22 Chichira 6h 2000 600 300 2000 yes yes
23 Tumlingtar 450 yes yes
24 KTM plane
25 1 day in Kathmandu
26 departure

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